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Uploads start, then drop off


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Hi, I'm having some issues with my uploading.

Download speeds are perfectly fine; usually around 500kb to 1mb. Uploading, however, seems to be a problem. I will get peers on a torrent, and it will start uploading at 4-5kb. Right away it will start to drop off, and after about a minute the upload will stop and the peer will drop out. After 15 seconds or so, the peer (don't know if it's the same peer, haven't checked the IP) will come back and the cycle will start all over again.

My port is forwarded just fine and I have a static IP set up.

Here are my settings:

Upload limit: 92kb/s

Upload slots: 6

Connections Per Torrent: 60

Max active torrents: 7

Global connections: 200

Max active downloads: 60

net.max_halfopen: 4

DHT and Local Peer Discovery are disabled as I'm using a private tracker

Another small detail: occasionally when uTorrent starts up, my logger will claim that Windows Firewall would not allow access, though I have an exception on it that I've turned off and on. The message doesn't show up every time, just sometimes, usually after I've restarted uTorrent.

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Hello guys

I am not this advanced yet but

Sorry to "but in" i was just going to post a topic on this but seen your thread, i have a simalar problem.

I have download quite a few torrents and everything has been fine, seeding, uploading , etc

Two recent torrents have downloaded fine but are stuck on uploading its been like that for two days

one torrent of 64MB is stuck on 25MB and the other is 19MB stuck on 4MB....

As i said i am not that advanced on this yet, and wonder what is wrong, or do i have some setting wrong

Here are some my settings, i will provide other's if i know what to look for

Upload limit = 35.0 KB

Upload slots = 4

Connections per torrent = 80

Max active torrents = 3

Connections golbal = 230

Max active downloads = 2


Funny enough now after all this time it has started to upload a little bit more,

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I just turned on all the error messages in my log. Forgot to do that after I switched to default settings.

UPDATE: I get a new error message that says "NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP". However, I read up on this in the help file, and it says I can ignore this if my port is open. I have a green checkmark, and if I run a port forward test, it tells me the port I'm using is open and there are no problems.

UPDATE NUMBER 2: More new errors: [2009-09-15 15:36:37] [bitComet/ (59.5)]: Got Bad Have 1049

And many of these: [2009-09-15 15:41:28] [bitTorrent 6.1.2 (99.7)]: Got Cancel Unrequested: 413:32768->16384

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