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The allowed wildcards are * and ?

It already is explicitly mentioned.


what I meant was that it would be illuminating if the tutorial identified the * as an asteriks. For example:

The allowed wildcards are * and ? Note that the * is an asteriks, not a quotation mark!

With the frequent use of quotation marks in natural language and search queries, and the fact that, in small type, the two aren't very different, it's an easy mistake to make. Especially when you're zipping through a text rapidly, like one does when checking manuals.

Adding a simple line, like in the example above would increase user-friendliness. It's a minor issue, but as I wrote in the original post, I spent a long time wondering why my filters for "Showname" weren't working until I discovered that the wildcard was supposed to be an asteriks.

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Eh. I don't know about you, but if I found myself having to read through a manual, I wouldn't be zipping through it. I don't expect many other users to do so either unless they think they already know what they're doing, in which case the fault probably doesn't lie so much with the manual/tutorial.

At any rate, I don't maintain the RSS tutorial, but I guess can pass this thread onto someone who does.

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