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Upload Problem (important).


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ok i got a problem with files [all of them], when i downloding somthing I getting the max speed[cause I got a tracker] but some why i uploding only 3kb at least! somtimes its 0.1~0.6kb! ..I mean its very low I got a router and my ports were opend a few minutes ago but still I cant uplod faster. my internet speed is 5mb. what I should do?

if i need to add more informatino about somthing then write it in your comment.

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If torrents won't upload reliably, it could be few peers wish to download...and are already maxing THEIR download speed from all the seeds.

I've since been emailed your line's speed measurements:

Download = 4.95 mbit/sec

Upload = 0.45 mbit/sec

However those speeds are probably not usable by uTorrent/BitTorrent, thanks to the hostile nature of your ISP.

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