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Move when compleate and labels


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Here's what I would like, but i'm having a hard time getting it setup.

I would like a torrent to download via RSS (done). While it's downloading I would like it to go to a Downloading folder, say c:\downloading. When finished I would like it to move to another folder. Say c:\RssDone. Here's the trick though. I ONLY want RSS downloads to go to that folder when compleated. All downloads I add should still go to the normal compleated folder. C:\Done.

So to recap

All downloads go to a seperate folder while downloading.

Once done if it was added via RSS it goes to one folder, if I added it it goes to another.

Using labels and such to get this done is ok. Any help? Right now I have it set so files I add go in c:\Downloading and C:\Done, but RSS downloads are always going to c:\RssDone even before there done.

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