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Problem starting torrents, and scheduler not starting torrents


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In the last month (approximately) I have had some torrents which I have used the scheduler to start at the beginning of my off peak period. When I get up in the morning they haven't started. In one case one out of a number had completed the others were still on zero%, but mostly there has been no traffic down at all. When I restart the client the torrents pick up seeds and start quite promptly.

There have also been occasions when I have had to stop all other torrents and restart the client before the new ones start. I don't like having to stop all other torrents as I like to seed. 'Tis called file sharing after all. Plus if I restart µTorrent zeros the down and upload figures and I don't know what my overall down and upload for that session has been (I do this first thing in the morning, wooly headed, cheesed off my torrents haven't started, there is little off peak remaining and writing numbers down doesn't occur).

I have for two years been using the scheduler to start torrents at the beginning of off peak and it has worked fine.

I also ran that little program (Glasnost) to see if my ISP is throttling torrents and they aren't.

If someone can suggest a possible explanation why the torrents are not started by the scheduler, and why I have had to stop all other torrents, I would be very grateful. :rolleyes:

It is all kind of puzzling.

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