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      Security Vulnerabilities Fixed in the latest uTorrent, BitTorrent and uTorrent Web   03/05/2018

      Builds for uTorrent, BitTorrent and uTorrent Web containing fixes for multiple security vulnerabilities are available. We highly encourage all of our customers to update to the latest versions. uTorrent and BitTorrent for Android and uTorrent and BitTorrent Mac are not affected. As of writing the latest versions and their first availability date are: uTorrent Beta       -     -  Feb 20, 2018
      uTorrent Web       -       -  Feb 20, 2018
      uTorrent Stable    -     -  Feb 26, 2018
      BitTorrent Stable  -   -  Feb 21, 2018 For more details read our Engineering blog post:


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Version 0.9.2 beta (17267) has been released

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I just recently bought a mac and I have been trying to download this program for a few days now and can't seem to make it work. My computer is running Mac OS X version 10.4.11 and I have tried downloading both the alpha and beta versions of this program and I can't open either one. They will both download and I get a screen with the program icon and an arrow to the applications folder, so I drag the icon into the applications folder, but then I can't open it. I don't know if I'm downloading the wrong version or if I just don't know how to use this computer yet, but I would really appreciate any help anyone has to offer. Thanks!

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Interesting bug...

Utorrent is set to automatically open (and then delete) torrents I download from Google Chrome into my download folder. Then, utorrent is to download the files to my download folder. Utorrent hung randomly when I downloaded a torrent in chrome, and would not respond (it was attempting to open the torrent I think). So, I option-apple-esc and force quit utorrent. Viola! EVERYTHING IN MY DOWNLOAD FOLDER IS GONE. Not deleted as in moved to the trash can. GONE. COMPLETELY. NO TRACE. Perhaps utorrent was accessing the files when I closed it? It's weird, because it didn't just delete my torrent data, it deleted ALL my data in that file...my downloaded pictures, emails, everything.

I'm running snow leopard.

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Something is definitely wrong with Utorrent now. I started some torrents I downloaded, Utorrent has been open already downloading, it hangs for a few seconds when beginning the new torrents, glitches for a second, then everything in the Download folder is deleted, gone! I mean everything, even files that has nothing to do with Utorrent! If it was in the Download folder, it is gone. Not in the Trash, not anywhere! Without-a-trace. This happened to me once in the past few months and I wasn't so sure it was Utorrent though it was suspected because only my Download folder was empty, but the second time I saw it happen in my face because I made it so that the downloads go to the Desktop so I can keep an eye on it while Utorrent is open. Besides these two times and them being only a few months apart, it's never happened before and I've been using Utorrent for Mac since it's release.

On latest Snow Leopard.

One more thing, any chance of making Utorrent look like it does on Windows? Thanks'

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