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Preserving Downloads when Transfering to a New OS?


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Well I just moved back from Vista to XP, I saved the uTorrent Application Data folder. I put it in the usual directory after installing uTorrent, just it's not locating the previous torrents. I looked into it and found that the resume.dat file still had 'C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Downloads\...' listed as the place the .torrent files were located, so I used the find and replace function to replace 'Users\*USERNAME*\Documents' to 'Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents'

which would lead to where they were originally were. Just every time I do this and then launch uTorrent, reverts the files back to the path Vista uses and gets rid of XP's. So the question is, can I make it stop reverting or find a quick way to put them back into the system?

I could just put the folder into a new path of 'C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents' but that would be inconvenient for me. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

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