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Odd queuing issue that doesn't make a lot of sense.


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I have used utorrent for ages now and have always managed to work out any kinks ive ran into. Until today i guess.. I have utorrent running on my media server machine and another machine, the one has vista and works fine when i use it on that machine, but the server machine with XPsp3 suddenly in the last few days, u torrent refuses to queue properly.

for some odd reason, when setting the max active torrents to 4, it will go ahead and start 4 torrents fine and everything looks good, then right in front of my eyes it will just keep starting torrents normally til there are 7 running, sometimes 8. And if i set it to say 2, it runs 4.... very odd problem. And then, it will work flawlessly for like 2 hours, then wig out again and start acting stupid.

Any suggestions?

Im running 1.8.4

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