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µtorrent occasionally creates a torrent for data diff. from indended


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I send files to people over Bittorrent. I am using the latest built µtorrent offered me to install (1.84, build 16442)

In the last days there were some problems. In, say, 2 out of 10 cases the person receiving my file complained that the download wouldn't finish.

On a hunch I let µtorrent recheck the data and to my surprise I saw this on the file I hashed and sent:


Since this has happened twice and nothing else should write to the files I send after the fact, I wonder, what could have happened such little data is different from what the torrent states there is.

In the other case, a similar percentage of the data checked out.

Any idea what's happening?

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I'm sending my videos, usually sent with an output of Mediainfo in a text file separately.

Yes, the parts that aren't checked correctly appear to be random.

On the first one, my receiver was stuck at 99,8%. After checking the file, I was stuck at 99,7% - like the second time.

With the first one, one part was missing. In the second one from the screenshot, there were two blank spots.

I am running Windows 7 Professional, if that's helping.

(Edit: orthography)

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