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Error, Errors and More Errors


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Ok so right now i am extremely confuse in what else to do. I have use Utorrent for about 2yrs now and never had a problem but for the past 3 weeks i cant download anything, at most just one download might be lucky to happen. But now i am getting a bunch of errors. When its checking, ill get a pop up on the bottom right corner like it has done before but this time it will say, the name of the torrent plus at the bottom it will give me a reason, which it will say Error Access Denied. The on the actual torrent, it will say Error invalid download state, try resuming. Know that right after it done checking my computer will stop responding for a bit then it will come back and thats when i get the error message. Now let me say this so everyone know, i have made no changes to Utorrent, it was installed on my 3rd HDD 2yrs ago and any file starting download will go to that HDD and once finish download it will be move automatically by Utorrent to my 2nd HDD with no problem. I even updated Utorrent to the latest one, 1.8.4 and still no result. I did a Check Error Disk and no issues. I have done no changes to my Windows Vista since last year. I follow a few steps in this forum and some of them said to delete and rename a file that was hidden under APPLDATA that ends on .old, resume and another one and still the issues persist. What bothers me the most is that sometime it will start download and after 30mins it will give me the error. Now i also check on the HDD to see if the torrent was there and they are, like any other will be during the download process, so right now im stuck on not knowing what to do.

My current System

VIsta X64

Ram 8GB

3HDD, one just for Windows

2.67gHZ Q Processor Intel.

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