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"Manual Announce"


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Used quotations since I'm not sure it's a more universal option in other BT clients. I use 2 clients, Bittornado my long time tride and true love, and the recent liking of uTorrent.

The one thing Bittornado has that Azureus, uT, and others don't have is this option.

Some people, do "frown" apon it. I think it's the best feature, ever.

For those that don't know what it does, once you are connected to a tracker, each client (uT, Azureus, etc) will automatically at certain points or periods retrieve a new list of peers/seeds or add them as it sees them when it spiders out for blocks of data.

The down part is not all clients do this often, or do this well. uT does a decent job, on average I'd say. However, if you know for a fact that the tracker/torrent has many more seeds & peers than you currently see, you can "hammer" Manual Announce, which just tells your client in Bittornado "hey, check to see if theres more people". If there are more people nine times out of ten you'll get them as a peer or seed (depending apon what they are obviously).

As said some dislike, for whatever reasons. The best I've seen argued is it kind of "breaks" the quote unquote "spirit" of bittorrent which isn't nesscarily a fast download in 20 minute ordeal but more of a leave it going over night thing while you're at work. In reality it doesn't give you a super download, it only makes you avaible to spider more blocks of data/seed or maybe download a few more extra. There is a chance for a speed increase, just as there is a chance of there not being one.

If uT had this feature, it'd be the best thing, ever.

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In that case, I guess µTorrent is already the best thing ever.

Right click and select "Update Tracker"

That seems to just be more of a "let's check in make sure its working" feature

It doesn't rapid connect nearly as quickly as tornado's manual announce unfortunately

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