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Downloading ONLY files to destination folder specified in cmd


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Hi, I'd love to hear that this is already available, but my problem is when I'm using cmd to tell a torrent file where to download/place files, it doesn't just place the files to the directory. Instead it moves torrent's folder (whatever user specified) into that folder.

In a massive script, this can be quite annoying, and even more annoying moving the files back into original folder and telling uTorrent where the new files are for seeding.

Can there be cmd switch to move ONLY files?

*Sorry this is confusing, see below

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utorrent.exe /directory "torrent saved file" "torrent download folder"

What I'm saying is that downloading to the torrent download folder can create another folder within that folder because thats what the torrent had specified. It can't just download the files, and files alone, to that folder.


Torrent contains 5 files within UserFolder

I run the command: utorrent.exe /directory "C:\user.torrent" "C:\Downloads"

If I want the files, I'll find them under C:\Downloads\UserFolder NOT just C:\Downloads, it automatically made the UserFolder

On the contrary, if I opened the torrent up manually and put a folder in, it would just download the files alone to that folder.

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