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Speed issue with uTorrent 2.0 beta


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I have a speed issue with the latest beta:

After starting of uT it connects and starts downloading at full speed normally for first one-two minutes. After this speed is decreasing to about 1/3 of full value.

Another strange thing is on the "peers" tab of every downloading torrent. I see 15 peers there, but the download speed of every peer is exactly 0.4 kbyteps. (same and very small speed of lots of different seeds looks strange)

Same happens after every restart.

As listed in the speed problems topic, i've started downloading OpenOffice, but the picture was the same.

I've tried with changing numbers of currently active torrents, max peers per torrent and some other options i know. But this changes nothing in common.

After moving back to uT 1.8.4, everything normalizes.

Notwork is configured properly, light is green, router (asus WL-500G) port forwarding is configured, antivirus & firewall (Comodo Internet Security) have exception for uTorrent.

Windows XP Home SP3

ISP doesnt block uTorrent (i'm sure)

Speed test: 1 mbit (120 kbytes) to both sides

PC: intel core 4 quad, 4 gb ram (3.25 actually in this OS)

P.S. If there is no support of unstable versions, maybe this will help fixing some bug. All this was in the current latest beta build.

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