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make utorrent allocate more bw to some downloads


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i would like utorrent to automatically allocate more bandwidth to torrent that is most finished.

i have noticed, that when i load more then one torrent at the same time, more bandwidth is almost always allocated to one that is less done. so, the final outcome is, if i have one torrent done to 80% and start new one, in a while will be both probably about 90%. how can i change this behaviour?

when i load one torrent, i would like it to be down asap, meaning other torrents will have to wait, but no bother. if one will have special meaning to me, i will allocate high bandwith manually.


oh, ps - i would not like to dl only one torrent per time, since sometimes that one torrent can have bad seeds so my night cpu/connection time would be wasted.

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well, that is true.

but, statistically, if one torrent has up to 60% very good connection (lets say 80% of my internet bw), then it can keep that speed in most cases, or not?

as far as i noticed, in most cases, when i load 2 torrents at time, they will finish at the same time, though one might be significantly larger or been added much later...

i would like utorrent to manage peers connections and stuff to maintain high speed of, lets say, first one in the list, or the one most done.

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