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utorrent port issue


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Hey guys,

I installed Protowall, PeerGuardian2, and then Beethink (all at separate times) and they didn't seem to work well with Windows Vista 64bit and so i uninstalled them.

But now, utorrent doesnt download anything anymore and i dont know what the problem is so if anyone knows where i should start to solve this problem i would really appreciate it


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These softwares to block IP are completey useless, you can find a ton of debates here. In addition, they can impact the performance of your BitTorrent client.

Just use a mainstream firewall (like AVG, Comodo or what you want) and ipfilter.dat in uTorrent to block some IPs.

Is there the green network icon in uT?

What's the tracker status with a torrent from OOo? http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/

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The thing is thought it worked really well right before i installed those crap pieces of software and now its suddenly not working even after i uninstalled the stuff.

and what info does that site give ? sorry im a avg at this stuff lol so i might need walked thru..hopefully its not too much of a hassle

it says DHT: Waiting to log in

also i downloaded the torrent from that site and started to download it but no dice :( nothing is downloading at all and i have no idea why !!!!!

someone plz help !

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