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Batch point seeds to folder/merge two different copies of uT


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Hi All,

Well, I've been hard at work on this since you last heard from me, and I just can't get it to work.

First on the merge process:

To merge the resume.dat files, open one of them, click on the [ ROOT ] item, use Item > Merge With..., and select the other resume.dat. Aftwards, use Item > Sort Keys (while [ ROOT ] is still selected), and make sure you remove the .fileguard keys. Save, and open µTorrent.

We followed this several times, and every time, upon opening uT, there was no additional data. We did carefully read the warnings, etc., nothing bad happened, just nothing at all happened for some unknown reason.

So what I've done, which was incredibly time consuming because it meant moving over a 1000 seeds each in separate folders, was to move all of my audio files into a single directory. I'm wondering if there's some script or built in ability that one can run a batch command that points all the seeds in that directory to their proper folder. I know that one's a long shot, but though I searched for a solution through the forums and FAQs, I couldn't find anything that exactly suited my scenario--I have about 1000 folders, all now nested under a main directory, and I'm hoping to somehow automate the process of having uT recognize which seed belongs to which folder.

I'm also still stuck with the problem of merging about 70 seeds with the 1000 others. That's not the biggest deal, I can just add them manually one by one if I have to. But I'd rather try to get your method for merging to work.

I had no idea when I decided to upgrade my hard drive due to a complete lack of any more space, that this was even a possibility. I just thought that of course this must be a common need (to merge the directories), and I hadn't even thought out the problem that my seeds would all be in a different place now. So any suggestions would be most appreciated again, and if not, I'll throw in the towel and start the painful process of manually pointing the seeds to the proper folder manually...thanks so much! C

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Regarding the merge, you did select the other resume.dat that you wished to merge in, right? That is, you didn't select the same resume.dat as the already-opened one, did you?

About relocating, there isn't really a script. If all you did was move the base of the path (so maybe from C:\Hello\TorrentName to D:\World\TorrentName), you can do a search/replace in BEncode Editor to change C:\Hello to D:\World.

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