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Upload speed terrible on Vista laptop, great on xp laptop


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Hey guys, I've just gotten a new laptop that has vista home premium 64 bit on it and I am not able to get any type of good upload speed. I've been getting between 0-20 kB/s on it, while on my old laptop with xp, i get 115 kB/s.

Even the download speed is lower on my vista laptop, sometimes by 50% when compared to the same torrents on my xp laptop.

Any ideas how I can increase the upload and download speeds, I really want to increase the upload so I can seed on my private trackers.



I fiddled around with some of the settings and took some from utorrent on my xp laptop and now my uploads are going much faster around 60 kB/s but my downloads are still slow, like 4 kB/s on a torrent with 1500 seeds and 2500 peers. Any idea how to increase the download speed.

My settings are 100 kB/s upload, unlimited download, 300 global connections, 75 per torrent, 6 upload slots, DHT disabled, outgoing encryption enabled.

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