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0.1kb/s Downloading after pausing


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Lately I have discovered that after I pause a download that I have started and then re-start it, The download will start downloading at a rate of 0.1kb/s - 1kb/s.

I have not tried pausing and re-starting multiple times to see if I encounter the bug every single time but I encountered the bug once which was way too much for me while downloading a 6gb download.

If I didn't present all the information needed PLEASE do not flame me and ask nicely as I have just joined the forum and started using the product.



Edit: It is probably not because of the pausing as my download has now got to 0.01kb/s without me pausing it.

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I have waited about 5 minutes and nothing did change.

I have stopped completely and restarted but the download kept on downloading on 0.1kb/s,

After completely deleting the torrent and all the data that was download and redownloading the torrent the situation fixed itself.

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