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port-forwarding utorrent on a DIR-625


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I have been trying to set up port-forwarding for utorrent on my D-link DIR-615, to absolutely no avail.

My ISP is Shaw (ie: cable). Port-forwarding with no router works fine. But once the router is added in, it fails (yellow triangle - no incoming connections), so I am fairly certain the problem is with the router.

To make things somewhat complicated, the guide on portforward.com is incomplete/inaccurate, so it is of no help:


So, I have set things up manually. I assigned a static IP, outside of the DHCP range of the router, to the computer in question. Disabled firewalls. Disabled UPnP. Set up a port-forwarding rule for the static IP in the router to allow utorrent. With no luck.

I have been trying to get help on the portforward forum, but this is going nowhere, and I keep on being advised to do things I've already stated I've done. You can read all about everything I've done to date here:


I still suspect the problem is with the rule I created in the router, but I am not sure. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded with imaginary cakes.


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