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30+kbps for 5 min only - 1kbps after???


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Ok I normally use a mac so i am a complete noob at windows.

I use a windows xp sp3 machine to download using the latest utorrent. At home I have a Airtel Broadband connection (BEETLE 220 MODEM) and a LINKSYS WTR54G V7 WIFI ROUTER.

the ip thing for my beetle router is and for the linksys is so there is no conflict.

i have unblocked uTorrent from my windows firewall - port 16162

and i think i have forwarded ports. i have forwarded the port on my linksys router (port 16162) and the ip address for this is the static ip of my xp machine which is

also i have forwarded ports on my beetle router to (linksys router) and to (XP static ip)

so the thing is the littlle status thing at the bottom of utorrent is yellow and ports are not forwarded properly.

but when i start utorrent i get 30kbps dloads (which is half the speed i used to get ) for about 5 min and then the speed goes down to 1kbps and less


please help me....

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