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utorrent connection via vpn


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Hello to all,

I have a problem using utorrent via my server vpn.

I own a server with plesk panel where i have enabled the vpn module and i am able to connect to my servers vpn from home.

Also, i have manage to create some rules on my firewall (Using widows 7), to make it safe and drop any torrent connection if my vpn connection drops.

Now, the problem is that utorrent wont connect with any tracker/torrents while i am using my servers vpn.

At the other site, i do own a ivacy vpn connection and when i connect to ivacy vpn, then my torrents connecting right the way. Everything works fine. When the ivacy vpn connection drops, then all my torrents die on the spot. once the ivasy connection is connected again, then my torrents starts working normal again.

I have to let you know that the ivacy connection is the well known connection method, but my server vpn connection goes throughout the OpenVPN method/software.

I am sure you know what i mean here. Same connection but different method connection. (Using OpenVPN software without username or password)

I also know that the Virtual local network ip addresses must be changed in my firewall rules, witch i do change them but with out success to connect via my server to any torrent/tracker.

I case you wish to know, my server VPN address connecting on the ip

I do change this to my firewall rules but i am not really sure if i do the right thing here.

I would be more then happy if someone know more about this subject and let me know what to do to be able to connect to torrents/trackers via my servers vpn connection.

At the moment when i connect to my server VPN and start my utorrent client i get the following message for all my torrents:

An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you for you time.

Best Regards,

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