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Running Utorrent through a VPN


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My speeds on Utorrent have gotten really really slow as of late I've tried a few things and have come to the conclusion that Qwest is throttling my traffic.

Heard that VPNs can help with this by setting up a single ip that all the traffic goes through thus tricking the ISP. I'm not too interested in upping my speed at the moment just getting this to work. I've created an account at itshidden.com and followed their instructions found here: http://itshidden.com/Support/VPNXP.html to set up a VPN... Now what? I cannot find any guide beyond whats on their website for setting utorrent to run through this VPN I've set up and I was hoping someone could tell me exactly what to do. I'm not sure what information is needed but I have Windows XP and a wireless router which my computer connects to (you guessed it) wirelessly.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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