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evrything is fine but still everything is messed up!!!!please help


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hi guys, this is my first post here. I am having the speed problem, dont think its the normal one as i have everything done perfectily as it is written in speed guides and all that.

I am using utorrent 6.1.1, i have successfully forwarded my port. The icon in status bar is always green day and nite. I have high speed internet connection. I am using wireless connection with US Robotics router. There are about 15 computers connected to it. My pc is one of them. If have tried with all the suggestions given in all the guides that i have found in forum. And i have tried with many torrents but still my download speed nevers goes above 2 kB/s.

Torrents have more than 1000 seeders, best health, best availability but my bit torrent connects to not more than 2 seeders. and this is not with one or twwo torrents i have tried with more than hundred torents.

What is the reason please help me guys.

Thanks in advance.

(Vista Home premium, Dual core 2, 4 GB ram, Utorrent 6.1.1)

According to test at speedtest.net :

Download speed - 2.43 Mb/s

Upload speed - 0.17 Mb/s

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Your ISP probably extremely throttles/cripples BitTorrent traffic.

Try what I recommended here: ("mild settings")


For an example of more extreme "stealth" settings in uTorrent: (long-winded explanation of ISP throttling)


NOTE: Those settings probably won't really work for you, they were a special case for a wireless ISP!

...But I do a better job explaining what and why those settings are chosen.

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