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low download speed for game torrents.....!!!


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i have a 2mbps broadband connection (with max upload rate around 25-30kB/s)......i get a maxinum dwnld speed of 220kB/s for direct links as well as torrent files.......

i have set upload limit to 20kB/s in u torrent....upload slots=2...connection (per torent)=100...

connection(global)=750...active torrents=9...active downloads=8...port is forwarded properly....

i have disabled windows firewall....antivirus is avast

problem is only with game torrents....no matter how popular the game torrent is i dont get more than 20-25kB/s dwnld speed....wheras i get 100 to 200Kb/s for movies and software torrents

now i have a game with 1500 seeds but i get avg dowld speed of 11 kB/s

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My speed guide (2nd link in signature) doesn't recommend nearly that many connections for anything short of 2 mbit/sec upload. Just having lots of connections COSTS you speed. Communications has to be done very often to keep every peer/seed connected to you.

Were you just downloading 1 torrent at a time, try raising upload slots to 3-5. As-is, uTorrent will probably auto-limit upload slots to only ONE per torrent if you have more than 4 torrents active at once.

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