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MB <=> MiB


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The size of a torrent/file is shown as "xx MB" or "xx GB", but uTorrent calculates in Mebibyte/Gibibyte, not in Megabyte/Gigabyte!

1 Megabyte = 1000 Kilobytes = 1'000'000 Bytes

1 Mebibyte = 1024 Kibibytes = 1'048'576 Bytes...

So a file of 1'048'576 Bytes is shown as "1 MB", what should be "1 MiB" or "1.05 MB"...

Take a look at Wikipedias article, especially at the table on the right side.

Also have a look at the German Wikipedia entry, the table there is much better ;)

Btw: same with the speeds... There it says "kB/s" what should be "KiB/s" ;)

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