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utorrent seems to be slowing down my system.


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Hi ive used utorrent for a couple of years now and i am very happy with the software. A couple of months ago i bought a new computer, at first utorrent seemed to be working fine, however after a couple of weeks i started experiencing some problems which i think i related to utorrent.

When downloading torrents with utorrent my system seems to be slowing down, but only after utorrent have been running for a while. e.g. if i try to play music, watch a movie or watch something on youtube everything lags, the sound lags and the picture lags really really bad. Another thing that also happens (not as frequently) is that my internet disconnects for a couple of seconds, then automaticly reconnects, allso when this happens i cant press anything on the computer, if i rightclick utorrent in the system tray and try to shut down the program my system just freezes for a minute or two.

I do not remember if the problems started happening after a windows, antivir or hardware update as the computer was new and i installed updates to different programs every day at the time.

I am using zonealarm firewall (disabled windows firewall), Avira antivir, and windows vista 64-bit.

With only utorrent running my cpu only uses 3% and my RAM usues 2gb of 6 (ddr3)

With a music playing on eg spotify my cpu jumps up to 25-30% and RAM pretty much unchanged

My computers got 6 gb ram and an intel i7 920 cpu with 4x 2.67 gHz

Im not too good with computers so the problem might have to do with something else than utorrent, but i think utorrent is causing the problem, i tried to look for simmilar threads but didnt find any, if there is one please close this one and post a link to the other thread. thanks

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Thank you for your answer. I will try to change the firewall. About that other thread, loss of internet connection isnt really the problem, the main problem is that my system lags like hell. eg when listening to music on itunes which shouldnt be affected by an interupted internet connection. And my internet connection doesnt really slow down my internet either, it just freezes the browser from time to time and sometimes disconnects from the internet

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