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Multiple download queues?


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How about adding multiple download queues to uTorrent?

I've faced many situations where I want group some downloads into one queue and the rest as normal torrents.

Something like this:














This way, if I've set max active downloads to 2, Torrent1 from Queue1 will start downloading, along with Torrent4.

After Torrent1, Torrent2 will start downloading (it won't bother about what's outside the queue, unless it's the last torrent in the queue). After Torrent4, Torrent5 will start (unless it was already started before Torrent4 finished, in which case Queue2 will start, from Torrent6 to Torrent8, and so on).

Hope that made sense.....

I would really like to see this in uTorrent....

So, how does that sound?


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I would like to see it as 'per tracker' or (if it's impossible due to existance of multi-tracker .torrents) 'per label' settings for 'maximum number of active downloads'. But 'per tracker' is better, because there is trackers that forbid more than N simultaneous downloads, and you can use first tracker value from given torrent file for this queuing.

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For some reason I'm banned in the suggestion box, so can't post this there :(

Sometimes we have groups of files going that would be nice to group, like large files, that take weeks that we want to queue 1 by 1 in sequence, then small files that finish and seed quickly, then another group of incomplete (0-seeds) that we might want to stay active in case a source pops up. And who knows what else...

Mutiple queues would go a long way in helping mange torrent downloads.

The Idea is to mainly allow multiple download queues that allow us to set the number of active torrent individually per queue instead of a global count (I'm hoping for simplicity). Speed can still be controlled as a per torrent level as well as the global (no need for queue throttling).

To move multiple torrents you could just use the Label to drag them or do it one be one. (note the label would not lock the torrent to the queue but just be useful for "mass selection", this would avoid issues with multi-labeled torrents).

Emule has something like this in place with its categories allowing another paused file to resume downloading once a file in a category has completed.

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