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Frequent Disconnects


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Hey guys...I'm having some connection issues and have tried everything I can think of to fix it. First, the basics...

-Running Windows 7 RTM 64-bit...was happening with Windows Vista 64-bit as well. All with all Windows Updates applied. From what I have read, half-open connections are not an issue, since they are not limited in Win 7 nor Win Vista SP2.

-Only protection is avast! free version and I have both tried disabling and uninstalling it.

-The disconnects only happen when using uTorrent.

-No, it doesn't matter if there is any download or upload action happening...I am sitting here looking at 0 up/0 down and have dropped twice while typing this.

-This is local to whatever computer on my network is using uTorrent. Nobody else drops and my router never loses its internet connection.

-I have read all the forum posts both here and elsewhere, gone through every checklist ad nauseum. My connection is fine until I open uTorrent.

-Yes, my ports are forwarded properly. I even changed them a few times to make sure there wasn't a conflict. Green check mark every time.

-I have even gone so far as to try another NiC and another router.

-I am using Verizon FiOS and, to my knowledge, they are not doing anything to nerf my torrent action.

-uTorrent version 1.8.4 build 16150...and this has been happening over quite a few versions and builds.

The only thing I really haven't tried is another torrent client, which I may have to do, but am resisting as I love uTorrent in its simplicity and ease of use without all the crap the other clients cram down your throat...so...help a brutha out? :-) And feel free to talk 'geek'...I've been in computer support/IT for more than 12 years, so you can understand why this is driving me nuts.

UPDATE: Hrmm...NM, I guess. I installed the original BT client ver 6.2 and no drops in my connection, so this is definitely a uTorrent program or config issue, although I doubt the later, since I have BT config'd the exact same way. Which, by the way, is very easy to do since they appear to be, visually at least, the exact same client with the exact same GUI and prefs screen.

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