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help please!


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I recently got this program and cannot seem to be able to download anything. these are the steps i go through:

1) enter the name of search in the search field of the uTorrent application and choose "the Pirate bay"

2) make sure i have at least 4 seeds on desired file and click download

3) click "open" and then the pop up box from internet security asks if i wish to allow the program, i click "allow"

4) the uTorrent -Add new Torren box appears with all files selected and i click "ok"

5) then a box pops up "Unable to save .torrent to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\Palladium Torrent.torrent'."

regardess of how many times i click retry i get the same box. can someone please tell me how to fix this, and please provide instructions that are fit for a 5 y old as i know next to nothing about computers. thx

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ok i have checked the FAQ's, got nowhere. checked the forums, all i learned is that this is a very common problem, i have checked my perferences - directories, looked nice, don't know what i'm suppose to see... my os is vista according to one posting vista has an issue with where it saves the program files. any help please.

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