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Speed Limits - uTorrent 0.9.2


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I've been monitoring a 4.8GB file transfer with my current UL speed-limit set to 60kB/s, based upon broadband line-speed tests at file transfer initiation. I understand that the window-frame speed indicator has low average resolution, otherwise it would be too twitchy, but the tracker calls for transfers bursts or peak spikes at almost double my line speed-limit setting and uTorrent doesn't cap them at the limits I've set. Also, following these spike bursts the data transfer is corrupted, possibly due to network reflections at line limits, resulting in high levels of retransmit calls. Obviously this reduces the efficiency of the transfer if you've got to keep sending the same message packets again.

Is this something that is likely to be fixed in uTorrent or should I be looking for third-party software to impose UL speed limits in accordance with my tested line-speed limits?

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