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First 2 down loads fast but now everything so slow.


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I downloaded a +330mb file, in about 10 minutes. Later I down loaded a 5gb file, in about 80 minutes. When I test my speeds, I am getting 700 to 900 kbs.

But my attempts at later down loads have been unsucessful, speeds of abot 10-20 kbs and maybe 1 week to download.

When I first down loaded uTorrent, after checking my speeds, I checked the port(56614) and got the message that the port was not opened, but the first two down loads were still supper quick. Now, I've changed the ports several times on uTorrent, all with no luck increasing speeds.

I'm not sure what happened, the first loads super fast and now basically the same 330 mb file will take a week.

Any suggestions?

Regards, Billy Baht

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Thanks for your help. Yes, I've rechecked speeds (900kbs to 1.3mbs) and selected ~700kbs as the speed default. I've added port 56614 to my Vista TCP port and also down loaded Simple Port Forwarding program to forward ports to my ZyXel P-660HW-T1 V2 router. I live in an apartment and thats the router for my building. I use AVG for virus protection and I've mad an exception for uTorrent.

Still puzzled why my fiirst two down loads were super fast and now I'm stuck at ~10 to 20kbs downloads. I left my lap top on all night and about 1.5 gb was downloaded. My first download was a so fast, a ~5mb file in about 90 minutes...

Maybe the ISP is restricting me? Just can't figure out why my first two downloads were so sucessful and now so slow.

In any case, thanks and I will continue to read the forums.

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The test torrent was as slow as my other down loads, around 10 20 kbs.

I think my ISP is throttling me. I down loaded another bit torrent client program, and got +1.2 mbs speeds for about 2 minutes, then back to the 10-20kbs range.

Ive tried a program to "confuse" the ISP and the same thing happened-+1.2mbs speeds for about 1 minute, then back to my 10 to 20 kbs range.

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Down load 1,000 kbs; up load 50, kbs (Speed tests came in at 900kbs to 1.2 mbs)

Speed guide:

Up load limit -50

Up load slots-5

Connections per Torrent-100

Connections global-150

Max active torrents-5

Max active downloads-4 (I only try for one down load at a time)

I've played around with the up load speeds, cutting it back to as low as 10kbs. The higest down load speeds i can get are only 50kbs max

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