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Help with uTorrent RSS auto-downloading


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I've been reading every thread/FAQ/guide I can find on this topic but can't get it to work, which is strange since it worked with the same settings before i formatted my computer.

I want to auto-download ALL releases from my source that are 720p. My settings are therefore:

Filter: *720p*

That is the only setting that I've made. What more do I have to set for the RSS to start autodownloading? "Save to" and "Feed" are also selected.

The RSS itself is working.

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It will add manually if I double click a file.

Seems like the filter doesn't work in uTorrent. Whenever I put anything in Filter it refuses to download, it works if I use Not-filter instead. Hard to make a not-list that only downloads 720p though :/

The not-list isn't perfect either, tried to deny any Xvid-files just recently but it downloaded them anyway.

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