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Help with port forwarding & firewall please


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I have just started using Utorrent as Vuze has gone horribly wrong (after using it fine for 6 months). Utorrent was fine yesterday morning and was downloading at 200-300kbps but last night the dreaded red triangle appeared and the speed has dramatically decreased (not helped by the fact that Telecom Italia don't know the meaning of having ADSL that works properly. Firstly I've tried port forwarding but have run into a bit of a wall. I'm using a D-Link DSL-302G modem and have followed the instructions on portforward.com right up to the point where you have to go into the services section of the modem-the screen they say should appear doesn't and I have no services drop down box which has NAT (in fact there is no services drop down box at all)- the only NAT button is under WAN (which I'm assuming is no use as I'm using a LAN connection & anyway I tried it with no success!) so at that point I'm stuck. I've tested the port I'm using and it says that it is blocked

My 2nd problem is NIS 2007. Again I've looked on forums and found various things that people say will interfere with down/uploads but I can't seem to find most of them. I have turned off the stealth port block and for about 30mins I had an amber triangle but now it's red again. Someone wrote something about disabling the worm protection- can't find that. Someone else (but I think it was with an older version of NIS) talked about deselecting various things in "Intrusion Protection Advanced Configuration" but I can't find that either!

You may have gathered that I am a complete no hoper when it comes to these things so could any answers please be in jargon free speak and I'm sorry if the answers to these questions are elsewhere but I cannot seem to find them

Thanks in advance for any help

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