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Automatic Upload Rate Limiting (also uTP) handles multi wan well?


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I haven't tried dual wan first hand because I might go out of my way only to find out µtorrent does not handle it to well. Instead it will hopefully be more productive to ask before doing so.

Basically, I really love the automatic speed limit feature in µtorrent. At times I wish it didn't step on my internet connection's toes anywhere as much like when playing an FPS and usually I just limit my upload rate manually for the rare times I'm playing a video game. So, yah it isn't perfect but it is a very much appreciated feature. Also, if I understand properly if the uTP protocol was used exclusively and nothing else even with my upload rate set to unlimited I wouldn't have any latency issues which is wonderful. It is almost to good to be true.

Now here comes the complicated part: What about dual wan? Or even more than dual (like quad)? What if one connections max upload is 1megabit/s and another connections max upload is 2megabit/s? How will uTP run in this condition? Also, mainly how will automatic upload rate limiting work as well? Is the uTP protocol able to handle multiple different connections at different speeds properly? If one of my connections upload is 10megabit/s and the other one is 2megabit/s I do not want to be limited to 2-4megabit/s but more 12megabit/s. If anything I'm a novice when it comes to protocols of any sort. So, will utorrent be able to automatically adjust the max rate accordingly per individual external wan?

It wouldn't be a big deal to me except that my cable internet connection is quite dynamic during the day. At night I can get 10megabit/s easy with no issues but during the day it can be one minute 10megbit/s and another minute 4megbit/s or 1megbit/s and the entire time it drops down my ping spikes up unless I limit my upload rate to around 1megbit/s. With automatic it will jump around all over the place and my net is fine. It is wonderful! I just do not want one net to limit the other and vice versa. The whole issue is complicated and probably not normal but regardless it would be nice to know how well µtorrent would work in a multi wan setup.

I guess what I'm asking is: Does µtorrent's automatic rate limiting feature limit per connection or on a global level as one giant limit? Thanks for any feedback! :D

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