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Port forwarding problem (help!)


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I'm trying to forward my port for Utorrent and have done this before without much problem... trouble is that that was on an IP address in the style of 192.168.1.X...

Few weeks ago an AT&T tech visited my family's house and tinkered with the wireless Linksys WRT54G2 router. Our IP address ever since has been 192.168.10.X. In the Applications & Gaming section of my router page all available IPs are thus in that style (the .10.X) and I've been utterly unable to forward any ports at all... very, very, annoying.

I tried simply changing the Local IP back to and release/renew that IP but that just caused me to be utterly unable to connect to the internet. The moment I changed it back to I was able to connect to to the internet again.

I just want to change the IP to so I can forward ports like I used to, AND keep my internet connected! Or if there's some way to configure Utorrent so it can use the 192.168.10.X IP that would be wonderful...

Here's a screen of my Port Range page so you all can see all the .10.X IPs listed... they -should be- and -used to be- .1.X and I could forward any port I wanted without problems!


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Here's a screenshot of my status page: 80847366.jpg

Not sure which on there is the WAN IP. However I looked it up (went to what'smyip.org or whatever) and it said there

Regarding the static IP, I have everything under Network Connections currently set to automatically detect the IP. I know I'll need a static IP when I actually attempt to port forward but I thought I'd need it on automatic to deal with this IP issue first.

I'm afraid I don't really see what you mean though. After changing my IP to and release/renewing it do you mean I should go into Network Sharing Center's IPv4 settings and set up a static IP for Because right now each time I change to I lose internet entirely, I suppose that's probably because the computer is still looking for the IP... so do you mean I should make my static IP?

Also, I'm writing this from one of the two wireless laptops in the house. The principal computer is a desktop connected to a router and modem. Is it best to do all this networking from that comp?

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