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IP Filtering Not Working with PSP List From BISS


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Hi all: I'm wanting to switch from Azureus to uTorrent and the major feature I'm looking for is IP filtering. I've discovered that I can rename the BISS files to ipfilter.dat and put then into ~\Library\Application Support\uTorrent\.

When I use the "nipfilter" or "splist" files from BISS, uTorrent (in the Message Log) states:

Loaded ipfilter.dat (241445 entries).

However, when I use the "psplist" (which is the one I used with Azureus), it always states:

Loaded ipfilter.dat (7 entries).

7 entries???? I can load the file into TextEdit and there are definitely more than 7 lines.

Can anyone tell me if uTorrent supports the "psplist" file? And if so, what I may be doing wrong?

-Thanks in advance

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