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Problem with RSS Auto-Downloader


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I tried setting up uTorrent to automatically download new episodes of my favorite TV shows using an RSS feed. I got the feed setup and I can view all the episodes in the feeds, but when a new episode is added to the feed, uTorrent doesn't automatically start the download. I have the "Automatically start downloads" box checked. The icon in the feed list is also strange and I don't know what it means...it looks like a little alarm clock.


In that pic, the new smallville episode showed up and had that icon, but it didn't start downloading like I wanted it to :'(. Anyone know why or how to fix this?

Btw, the feed I am using is this one: http://ezrss.it/search/index.php?show_name=Smallville&show_name_exact=true&date=&quality=HDTV&quality_exact=true&release_group=&mode=rss

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