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new user, confusion with speed test


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In the connection setup guide, utorrent says I should be looking for the upload speed, kb/s, not kB. But when taking the test at testmy.net, it gives me my "connection" speed at kb/s, and then the "upload" speed at kB (what utorrent labels as the incorrect signifier).

Which one should I be putting into my options in the upload column? The median for my 'connection' speed at kb/s has run around 8300 kb/s, with my 'upload' speed around 1040 kB.

Appreciate the help!

Edit: Also, I'm running on a mac so the instructions in the setup don't precisely follow what I see on my utorrent. When reading further in the instructions, it looks like the higher number is my proper 'upload' speed (8300). But where do I enter this? When I open up preferences (aka options) I only see the bandwidth tab to enter speeds -- either limit download rate, or limit upload rate.

According to step 3 in setup (tweaking), I should divide 8300 by 8 (thereby getting around 1040, my kB rate, and multiply that by .7 and enter that in my "limit upload rate." That is around 728, which it says should be 70% of my tested max. But 728 is definitely not 70% of 8300, only of 1040, my tested kB rate.

And then my last question is, what do I enter in the 'limit download rate' column? 8300?

Sorry for all the questions, thanks again.

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