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Difficulties with RSS Favorites


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I have had this problem for a while, and searched for similar problems on Google and in these forums, and have yet to find someone with the same problem. I have just been dealing with it, but its becoming more frequent and annoying.

For the most part, when I am looking at an RSS, and I find a show I like, and select it as a Favorite, it sets it up like this and it works great:


However, randomly a show will get not only the title of the show in the Filter line, but also the name of the episode, and the episode number:


This happens on different shows from the same feed, and also on my other feed as well. It seems to be random as to which shows it does this for. Also, one time I got really frustrated with it happening, so I kept Favoriting the show and deleting it from the list, and then one time, it just worked, and set it up automatically the right way.

Something else I notice is that for the shows that freak out like that, if I set up a Favorite manually for them with the same look as the Favorites that worked automatically, it still doesn't work. I am relegated to doing it manually for those shows. Not that I cant do that, just having the RSS is fantastic, its the irritation of some working and some not and having no idea why is whats driving me nuts.

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