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WinXP64 - Utorrent causes SLOW internet - already tried the guide


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Hi and thx for helping,

I am using bell high speed dsl (i know about throttling but it shouldnt affect http protocol isnt ?)

i tested my bandwidth speed with pcpitstop.com which gave me this

640 kbit/sec ║ 60│ 4║ 45│ 120║ 4│ 3

Using utorrent 1.8.4

followed the guide and set the proper values (tried maxhalfopen 4 and lower, currently at 4)

added the nod32 exclusion (eset smart security 4.0.437)

utorrent shows my Network OK (port forwarded and firewall configured)

fyi, its a fresh xp install (up to date), i can provide hijackthis report if needed.

As i am running SP2 of x64 version im not sure if i should patch tcpip or not.

With either IE8 or Firefox loading a webpage takes approx 1min or fails. Other computer in the network are also affected. Under linux there are no problem. I used to have an older utorrent version on xp32bit and never had experienced this issue before

any suggestion would be grealty appreciate

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