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The classic problem with the red NAT error, but with a modem


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Hi, I have the strangest problem in the world of utorrent, I have the NAT error on the bottom of the utorrent window, the little red circle , cause the other on the internet cant reach my computer, but I have a modem with no configuration, I do not have to open port on the web, cause I have a modem (speedstream 2500) and no a routor, I just have avast and the normal gived windows firewall, I configure it , open the port for utorrent (my port do not change is still 58062) and the problem still , I fellow the instruction on that web site :


Disable the firewall dont fix that problem , no routor , no firewall, hu ! What kind of thing can block utorrent, one in this forum can tell me that please.

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