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Downloading works perfectly for less than 3 minutes then dies.


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Okay, so I am here and wondering if anyone could help me with my problem...

I have been formatting my laptop again after buying a new and better hard drive. So I installed it all again. Before format(old hdd) everything worked perfectly and no flaws !

Now I can't seem to download anything ! I mean littear I can't download anything and this makes me nuts ! I just open a torrent file and less than 3 minutes it dies. The first minutes goes great then just drops to 0. I can't seem to get it to work and almost every torrent client does this. However I really like utorrent since its' the first client I ever used...the most and like the most. So I am really desperate need of help. I can't download GNU/Linux distros or anime...

Could someone please help me, I have read a lot of threads in here however NONE of them works in my case...To be straight forward, they were mostly useless threads that couldn't help anyone...

Thanks for hearing me out and in advance I say thank you guys !

Cheers !

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I tried out the beta, the downloading works. However my speed is restriced and it goes up an down...

From around 10 to 140 Kbps... This isn't what I can get when there are good seeders and a lot of them...

So I looking for the older versions to see, if it will work.

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Until you try with the new build, you are unsupported here.

Not an new thing to say...look HERE

We think your problem was fixed with the new version, but until you confirm (or deny) that through testing...we could very well be making problems for MILLIONS of people and threatening the stability of the internet.

You are right,sorry for my lack of kindness.I am downloading and upgrading now.Will be back wwith details.Thanks for helping us.

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