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Why is uTorrent so much slower compared to Transmission?


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with the same system (Max OS X 10.5.8) and same connection, Transmission can usually download at max speed at around 150KB/s while uTorrent 0.9.2 is always stuck at around 20KB/s for the same torrents.

My connection is a residential LAN so it has no UPnP and I can't set port forward, but then it's the same for Transmission and it can download much faster. I wonder if Transmission has some better technique in downloading from behind firewalls and routers than uTorrent?

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well, I HIGHLY doubt it's just chance, since I've observed this behavior for more than a dozen torrents already. For example, I just start a torrent in Transmission, wait for 5 minutes, and it goes to 150KB/s, and wait another ten minutes, it stays at around 150KB/s. And I exit Transmission, start the same torrent in uTorrent, wait for five minutes, it stays at 20KB/s, wait another ten minutes, still 20KB/s, wait an hour, 20KB/s. Quit uTorrent, start Transmissin again, and within a couple minutes it goes to 150KB/s again.

I suspect it has something to do with my connection, as it's behind a router and there's no UPnP nor port forwarding. Maybe uTorrent and Transmission have different NAT traversal techniques? Anyway uTorrent is quite consistently slower than Transmission for those same torrents around the same time periods, so it's a bit hard to think it's just pure chance.

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I'm not new to torrents or utorrent on the mac but truth to tell the beta version 9.2 just plain sux when compared to transmission for speed, in my case it's usually around 20k down while transmission can achieve 500k on the same torrent.

However on the alpha release speed is approximately the same if not a fraction better than Transmission. So if you'r having speed issues try Transmission or the new alpha version of utorrent.

and no I don't want to know how to set up my firewall or router this is a application issue not a network issue.

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I honestly can't tell the difference because for me utorrent (0.9.3) and (0.9.3) and transmission top out at 4.7 mb/s (wired). Then again this might just be for me but I have already optimized my router for both apps forwarding the ports etc. I prefer utorrent over transmission because demonoid isn't "friendly" with transmission anymore and utorrent has a greek letter in it.

a greek letter in your app name? Now that's a grade A winner

btw using 10.5.8



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µTorrent > Transmission.

Transmission is a weird client with lots of weird UI decisions and it's slower than µT. They have too many issues and each upgrade breaks something. As soon as µTorrent became stable, I switched and never looked back. µTorrent devs are a much nicer bunch of people than Transmission devs.

Protip: Option + m = µ

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Not for me.

U is way faster than T.

I prefer the GUI on T but quite honestly all I want is the files leeched and seeded at max speed, so I can live with the lack of single file download (although I haven't read the Manual yet so it maybe possible but not intuitively from the available Open dialog...) and other niceties.

Since the latest beta T takes an age to connect and then is slow - even deleting every T item and then installing the old 1.76 or 1.76+ its still a problem. So I gave up. I won't use the user forum there as I had a serious issue with one of the developers, so I refuse to give feedback (and its gone down hill without me!!!!!!!)

I don't know enough about BT and ports and all that jazz, I just want an app that runs fast and U is doing that for me at present.



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