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Version 1.8.4 (build 16667)


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I update from 1.8.4 to this build 1.8.4 build 16667

and have big problem - when i first start utorrent after update he start download torrent (with normal speed) - but after 30-40 sec speed gradually decreased to 0 - upload works fine.

If i restart the program at first boot is working again - after 30-40 seconds reduced to zero and nothing download - at the same time to upload all right. And so the circle : (

No settings have not changed - just update. DHT off.

I think this is a mistake - help pls !!!!

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That seems to be a bug in the latest build.

I have the same or a similar problem: After updating µTorrent to v1.8.4.16667 it did not download anything anymore (though showing plenty of available peers/seeds); v1.8.4.16442 had been working fine and still does so now again after I reverted back to it.

Until this bug gets fixed you might wish to re-install your former version.

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