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Have "Set Download Location" Automatically Pick The Folder


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Kind of hard to describe, but Ive recently had to move folders of torrents around, and Ive found that, if uTorrent had this feature or change, it would make using "set download location" a lot easier.

Basically, when you use "set download location" (or whatever its called, I cant remember offhand), you have to pick the folder that the files of the torrent download into. Now, the change that Id like is for you to be able to pick the root folder, or the folder with the folder of the torrent in it, and automatically pick the sub-folder based on the torrent's name. For example:

Torrent: Name.DVD-GRP

Directory Structure:

Root Folder\Name.DVD-GRP\file.avi

Right now, you have to select and/or open the "Name.DVD-GRP" folder. If uTorrent used the torrent name, in this case "Name.DVD-GRP" which is the same as the folder name, and allowed you to select the "Root Folder" (and automatically go one level deeper) that would be incredibly helpful.

If you dont understand, just let me know and Ill make pictures or something. Thanks!

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