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Downloading problems after upgrading to 1.8.4


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OK, this is VERY odd. I'll explain the situation.

My torrents stall repeatedly (stop downloading completely). They begin downloading at great speeds and after a few minutes (or seconds!!!) they stall. If I stop them and start them again manually, they continue downloading and then stall again. This started happening after I upgraded to 1.8.4 (my connection plan has changed to a faster one recently, the ISP and the cable is the same, though).

Another oddity is, that torrents show availability only approx as much as I have downloaded (say, if I have 7.8% complete, the availability is ~0.078). This is completely wrong - the torrents ARE seeded well (I'm downloading from private trackers) and I see in the peer list that some peers have 100% availability.

Anyone could explain this? I NEVER experienced anything like that before.

Also, I get no errors at all, the log window is clean, the network status icon stays green, I do not lose my Internet connection - nothing to indicate any sort of problem. The stalled torrents do not get the red icon (they stay blue as if nothing happened - they simply do not download).

I tried turning of UPNP (I don't need it anyway since I have the port forwarded in my router), NAT-PMP and enabling protocol encryption. Nothing helped.

It's either 1.8.4 or my ISP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be a common problem in the forum, but no clear solution to it.

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