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How can I select the files I want BEFORE the download starts?


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On an older version of uTorrent I had, when I clicked on a torrent to download it, and it would open up uTorrent, a window would pop up allowing me to pick where the torrent was saved and choose the SPECIFIC files I wanted to download by simply clicking little checkmark "ticks" next to the files.

I cannot find a way for this to work in version 1.8.4. When I click on a torrent, it opens uTorrent and starts downloading immediately. I want that window to pop up.

Right now, I have to immediately stop the download, then go to files, and right click on them, then choose "Don't Download." This is far too cumbersome and time consuming than using the window to simply check mark what you want, and leave blank what you dont want.

Any help is appreciated. I have looked around and looked in the preferences to no avail.

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