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DHT and Peer Exchange


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I have been using for quite awhile. Thanks. uTorrent is truly the best. But, I always thought it was supposed to have DHT and Peer Exchange toggled on to allow torrents to keep thriving. I just learned that it is considered bad and can get people banned from a variety of sites, especially with "private trackers." I don't understand this because 1) I don't think all the people on that private tracker are any safer and nicer than any one else in this world just because it is a private tracker. Sorry, but I am a cynic. So I don't see how it keeps me safer. and 2) I have been pleasantly surprised on what was a dead torrent after half downloading it and being stranded to find a seeder suddenly popping in. Now I know how that happened.

These are my questions.

1. If I turn them off, how can I continue donwnloading a torrent that leechers desert? It just dies, right, and it's over, a bunch of wasted time?

2. How is any of it possible anyway, if the torrent is on a private tracker, how does any other tracker see what I am downloading, even with DHT and Peer Exchange turned on if I am not linked up to any other tracker on that torrent?

3. Finally, if I turn them off for a site which requires them off, and I want to simultaneously download torrents from other sites and I want to increase my chances of getting the full download on those other torrents, can I have them turned on for one torrent, and turned off for another?

Thanks for your help. And patience. And product.

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If a torrent is marked private (as should be on private trackers), DHT/pex/lpd wont be used on that torrent, but will still work on others automatically. This stuff doesn't stop people from leaving, it just helps you find peers (especially useful when the tracker goes down). If a tracker admin tells you to turn DHT off globally then the admin is a retard (as most private tracker admins are). You may just want to avoid private trackers: http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/User:The8472/Private_trackers

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