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have to re-install new version of µTorrent to download


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Something weird is happening. I have µTorrent for a month or so & download a few things & upload them back but then my download speed completely drops off to a trickle & some torrents which are normally uber-fast don't start downloading at all despite many seeders & upload speeds seem unaffected.

I've tried using Switeck's conservative settings, & the other tweaks mentioned by Ultima but seems to have no effect. Sometimes at this stage I will have a red tick & I restart µTorrent & get an orange or green tick but no matter which colour tick I get the problem remains the same.

I've done the Glasnost Test to see if my ISP is manipulating BitTorrent traffic & it came back fine. Also my ISP isn't on the blacklist for that anyway.

I've also tried giving µTorrent full permissions with my Firewall rather than my usual rule & also turning off Peerguardian & have tried with nothing else running at the time - all had no effect.

The only thing which does work is to completely uninstall µTorrent & all it's settings/torrents & reinstall as completely new. Then it works like a dream again until there's lots of torrents being seeded it seems. But I've tried the upload speed at all different speeds from unlimited, 100mb-25mb & it makes no difference.

I'm using Windows XP, 24Meg line Dynamic IP with Be internet, PG2 & Comodo firewall.

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well anyway. the problem is the download speed keeps slowing down to less than 50kB/s when it was upto 800 kB/s the day before.

The problem has now re-occured after I did a clean install when I joined the forum on 30/09/09.

As I mentioned previously the only thing that seems to fix it is a fresh install which removes all my previous torrents & therefore all torrents that were uploading are gone when I re-install but this fixes it. I've tried the other solutions & nothing seems to work.

Ok this time after fresh reinstall it imediately starts downloading at a good speed - 200kB/s + but within seconds goes back down to 5kB/s - any idea what's going on?

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