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Port forwarding through another computer


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I'm sorry if this issue has ever been posted again, but i don't really know what to search for in order to find it, because "port forwarding" returns a lot of results.

So, I've got a home network set up through a router. Port forwarding works just fine with every computer. Now, I've also connected my laptop to one of the computers (which is connected to the router), but i can't seem to manage to get a port to work. I've opened a separate port on the router for the same IP the computer has, but even though the utorrent on the computer works fine with both ports (i.e. when i test to see if the port is forwarded properly, it says it's ok) the utorrent on my laptop says the port doesn't work.

I can't open up a port on the router with my laptop's IP because it's in a different subnet.

I hope you can help me out.

Ask if you need any more details, i'll be glad to be of service.

ANY help would be highly appreciated. I really can't figure this out and the minuscule speed it's causing is very irritating.

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